* Resources on Goats *

Useful Websites:

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* Stand Firm Farm’s Facebook Page *

Please come visit us at our Facebook page. Because this website is still under construction, our most recent farm news is located on our Timeline. Make sure to “LIKE” us so that you can keep up with our farm. Remember the more you interact with our posts, the more often Facebook will share our posts with you.

* American Dairy Goat Association *

We are Members of ADGA. Our farm name, Stand Firm Farm, is listed with ADGA. This is the registry we use for registering our pure bred Nigerian Dwarf goats.

* Fiasco Farm *

Over 300 pages of Information on Goats from Beginning to Advanced topics. This has been a wonderful resource for us.

* Molly’s Herbals *

We buy our Herbal Dewormer here.

* Jeffers *

Great place to buy supplies for goats and other animals.

* Valley Vet *

Also a great place to buy supplies for goats and other animals.

* Little Tots Estate *

Some of our breeding stock came from Little Tots Estate. They breed for dairy qualities and have earned numerous awards for their high quality Nigerian Dwarf goats.

* Farm Overstock *

This is a website for listing all sorts farming related things from animals to handmade crafts. I list our available goats here. Currently, the website is not available, but the link is here. We have used the website to sell several of our goats. I, Beth, have spoken with the owner of the website who says, “It’s coming back soon.”

*Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund*

FTCLDF are an organization defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods.           


We’re going to add the titles of books we have in our home library and include them here. Having your own reference library of resources at hand is still valuable even in this digital age!

To get you started on homesteading and farming look for Joel Salatin’s books. They are a great resource on revolutionary ideas on farming and the marketplace. His books are a MUST OWN!!!

“Holistic Goat Care” by Gianaclis Caldwell

“Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats” by Jerry Belanger