*Reference Goats *

These are goats are ones who have come before the ones I am currently using for breeding. In the case of Peachy, she is retired from breeding, but enjoying life in the paddock with the other goats. Some of the goats we’ve owned and some are goats from other farms, and they are in the family trees of the ones we own. This is the “bushy part” of the family trees of our goats. If you are interested in lineages, this can help you see the relatives of our goats.


Our daughter, Kaitlyn’s First Goat. A Christmas gift (2013) from a friend. This is where it all began.


ADGA Registration: D1530949 – Click here for Pedigree Link

*DNA* on File for Peachy

Birthday: 6/26/2010

  • Sire: Gypsy Moon P Moon Fire *DNA*
  • SS: Rosasharn U.P Papillon +*B *DNA* ST2014
  • SD: AGS Rosasharn FS Moonbeam *DNA*
  • SSS: AGS Rosasharn CH Uproar ++*B
  • SSD: SG AGS Rosasharn’s TL Mariposa 3*M LA2012, 2007
  • SDS: AGS Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm +B
  • SDD: SG AGS Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*M LA2007 *DNA*

  • Dam: Double Durango Sweetpea
  • DS: AGS Caesar’s Villa LV Eric +B
  • DD: AGS Little Tots’s Estate Reno
  • DSS: AGS Caesar’s Villa Felicia’s Levi
  • DSD: AGS Caesar’s Villa Pons Ebony
  • DDS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend +B
  • DDD: AGS McScurry Farm Clary

Peachy is also registered with the American Goat Society (AGS). Registration Number: D-52223. We are not AGS members.

***Please keep in mind that when you read “AGS” before a goat’s name, that means the goat is/was registered with American Goat Society. There is more information to be discovered concerning the AGS registered goats in our goats’ lineages. ***

Kit Kat

Our daughter’s other first goat whom we purchased from our friend. “Goats are herd animals and need a companion. You can’t have just one goat.” This was one of our first lessons in keeping goats. Kit Kat was with us until our daughter decided to get out of goats and enlist in the Navy. Kit Kat was sold along with a few of our other goats, and this was the turning point when I, Elizabeth, decided to step up and make goat keeping my interest. Kit Kat was an easy and abundant milker. She was a great start into this adventure with dairy goats. We did stop selling off goats, and we retained her daughter, Sasha, who was a carbon copy of her mother.

5 Cedars L Kitty Kat

Blue Eyed

ADGA Registration: D1587082 – Click here for Pedigree Link

Birthday: 2/19/2011

  • Sire: Gypsy Moon Lasso
  • SS: SG NC Promisedland SS Deviant ++*B LA2008
  • SD:AGS Echo Point Sassie *DNA*
  • SSS: AGS Promisedland CP Seymore Spots ++B *DNA*
  • SSD: SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Diva 1*M
  • SDS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend +B
  • SDD: AGS Woodhaven Farms Gold Rush Blue
  • Dam: AGS 5 Cedars Kitty
  • DS: AGS Rancho Ton Tey Bellagio
  • DD: AGS 5 Cedars Abagile
  • DSS: AGS Ancient Oaks Sendarro
  • DSD: AGS Ancient Oaks Tagalong
  • DDS: AGS Doublegate Teddy Bear
  • DDD: AGS Honeypatch Mocha Frost


Sasha was developing into a great milker like her mother. She kidded two times while she was alive. In 2016, her first year kidding, she gave birth to a healthy buckling whom we wethered and kept as our means of learning how to care for wethers. (He’s under the hay feeder.) We wanted to have real life experience with caring for a wether as we sell a lot of wethers to folks wanting pets. You can read more about Sasha’s son, Oakley Pirkle, on his own page. In 2017, she kidded with two healthy bucklings. One went on to sire another herd, and one buckling was retained. Unfortunately, that same year, we lost Sasha due to a bad leg break. This would have been the end of Kit Kat’s lineage on our farm if it hadn’t happened that we had her genetics in Sasha’s son, Milky Way. Through Milky Way, we are bringing back this family line through two 2020 doelings, Kalina and Snickerdoodle. In honor of Kit Kat and Sasha, we used the first letter of each doe in naming their grand and great granddaughters.

The Sasha Katie

Blue Eyed

ADGA Registration: D1785992 – Click here for Pedigree Link

Birthday: 6/4/2015

  • Sire: Crowe’s Nest Watermark
  • SS: Dragonfly G Watermark LA 2013, 2011
  • SD: Gotta B Kid N Lady of Treviso
  • SSS: AGS Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini +*B
  • SSD: AGS Dragonfly IH Sweetwater LA2012, 2010, 2009
  • SDS: Rosasharn SP Kat Manjari *B *DNA*
  • SDD: SGCH Gotta B Kid N Lady of Venice

  • Dam: 5 Cedars L Kitty Kat
  • DS: Gypsy Moon Lasso
  • DD: AGS 5 Cedars Kitty
  • DSS: SG NC Promisedland SS Diviant ++*B
  • DSD: AGS Echo Point Sassie *DNA*
  • DDS: AGS Rancho Ton Tey Bellagio
  • DDD: AGS: 5 Cedars Abagile


Preacher was the buck who helped us get started with having kids. He was on loan from the friend who helped us get started. He fathered several kids for us. He is the sire of Sasha, Amelia, and Penelope. The others were sold. At the time, our daughter did not have our farm name registered with ADGA, therefore under ADGA rules, the registered offspring had the word “The” put before their name. After our daughter left home as a young adult, Dennis and I took over the herd and began to learn more about ADGA. April 6, 2018, we registered our farm name as our official herd name with ADGA.

Crowe’s Nest Watermark

ADGA Registration: D1673075 – Click here for Pedigree Link

Birthday: 5/7/2012

  • Sire: Dragonfly G Watermark LA 2013, 2011
  • SS: AGS Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini +*B
  • SD: AGS Dragonfly IH Sweetwater LA 2012, 2010, 2009
  • SSS: AGS Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++B
  • SSD: SGCH AGS Twincreeks Madamebutterfly 1*M LA2009, 2007
  • SDS: AGS Promisedland Incredible Hunk +B
  • SDD: AGS Twin Creeks BW Pacifica

  • Dam: Gotta B Kid N Lady of Treviso
  • DS: Rosasharn SP Kat Manjari *B *DNA*
  • DD: SGCH Gotta B Kid N Lady of Venice LA 2014, 2012
  • DSS: Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B LA2007
  • DSD: Rosasharn TL Kit-Kat 5*M LA2016, 2012, 2011 *DNA*
  • DDS: NC Promisedland SS Black Gold *B *DNA*
  • DDD: AGS CHW BW Lady in the Water