Goat Sales Policy

Please take the time to read through our Goat Sales Policy and understand these are the terms you are agreeing to when you enter into a sale with Stand Firm Farm (SFF).

SFF reserves the right to retain any kid born on our farm.

Pre-Birth Reservation- To reserve kid(s) who are not born yet, the prospective customer must submit their name, phone number, email address, and note of desired kid(s) to be placed on our Reservation List. We do not accept deposits to reserve unborn kids. When the desired kid(s) is/are born and determined to be healthy by SFF, the first person on the list will be contacted. That person has 48 hours to respond. At this time, the deposit must be made. If there is no response or the potential buyer does not want to retain the kid(s), then the next person on the list will be contacted, and so on until a potential buyer makes a commitment. The deposit is required within a week in order to hold the kid(s) for purchase. If the deposit is not made, the kid(s) is/are still considered available for sale.

Kids- We/SFF will determine when newborn kids will leave the farm. We use two methods of raising kids. Dam raised kids will be available to leave the farm after they have been happily weaned. We do not remove babies from mothers who are successfully feeding them just to sell them as bottle babies. We have heard of other breeders doing this which is very stressful to the kids. Once established on udder, we will see that the feeding is completed by weaning. Males will be weaned at about 8 weeks of age to prevent them from mating with other females. Females may be left on the udder longer, and will be made available for sale after they are successfully weaned.

The other method we use is to bottle feed the babies from birth. We give the babies the colostrum and milk from their own mother. As they grow, we continue on with feeding them the collective goat milk from our herd. If needed, we use whole cow milk in bottle feeding as well. Bottle fed babies can be put up for sale earlier than dam raised kids. We like to make sure bottle fed babies are taking the bottle easily before leaving our farm.

Adults- We do occasionally sell our adult goats. This sales policy covers the sale of adults.

Deposits-  Goats listed for sale will be sold to the first person who puts a deposit down or FULL payment on that kid/adult. A goat is not reserved unless a deposit is received to hold the goat for that buyer.

Deposits are as follows: $50.00 for each buck (male) and $100 for each doe (female). DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, except in the case of illness or death of the kid/adult. In that case, the deposit will be refunded or transferred to a second choice. This deposit will hold the goat(s) for 14 days to allow the buyer to arrange pick up/transportation of the animal. Animals not picked up within 14 days, will be charged $5.00 per day per goat for boarding the animal(s). After 21 days, the goat(s) will be put back on the sale list. The money paid towards the animal(s) will be forfeited by the party that made the deposit.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation.
In this case, we will return the deposit minus the cost of boarding the goat(s) beyond the 14 day agreement and any other costs that were incurred.

Sales/Payment- We accept cash, personal checks, and Square. (Ask us if we have added any additional forms of payment since this policy was written in case we have added more choices.) Personal checks are accepted for deposits on goats. Checks must clear the bank before the goat(s) is/are picked up. Cash and Square are accepted at pick up as final forms of payment. GOATS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BEFORE LEAVING SFF. Outstanding balances will result in your goat(s) being held until all debts are paid, including any boarding charges, or other costs involved.

Pick up/ Transportation- Pick up/transportation of the goat(s) is the buyer’s responsibility. Together, SFF and the Buyer will arrange the date and time for picking up. Keep in mind that you may want to bring along a few things to help the travel to be more comforatable for your new goat(s). A dog kennel with hay or straw bedding and towels (the lap hold), a collar and leash will be handy to bring with you. For longer distances, a small bucket or bowl and a jug of water will help keep your new goat hydrated if you need to stop along the way home. We suggest if you are transporting the goat(s) in the bed of a truck that they not be subjected to the windy draft. A tarp to cover the kennel would be helpful.

We do not work with any transport services. We do not ship goats via airplanes. If you want to arrange these types of transport services, they will be at your expense. Please communicate with us, if this is what you are planning on doing. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Health Certificates/ Additional Testing- If health certificates and any additional testing is required, the buyer will pay the costs involved by pick up. All costs must be paid in full before the goat(s) leave SFF.

Health and Well-Being- We sell goats that are healthy and sound at the completion of the sale. When they are property of SFF, we do everything we can to care for the health and well-being of our goats. They are provided age appropriate milk, feed, hay, minerals and water on a daily basis. They are provided safe housing/paddock/pasture living space. We deworm our goats according to their individual needs. Kids born on SFF are disbudded. We give the CDT vaccine (Clostridium Perfringens types C & D and Tetanus). Another part of us maintaining a healthy herd is by testing the entire herd for the three big goat diseases: CL, CAE, and Johne’s. We draw blood samples and ship them to UBRL. Our latest testing was done February, 2022. All results came back NEGATIVE. Our herd shows no signs of having these diseases, but we test for both our and your peace of mind. We give daily TLC (tender loving care) to our goats to make sure they are friendly.

Social Life- Goats are social animals who prefer to be with others of their own kind. They are herd animals. We will not sell a goat to be an “only child.” You may have seen “singles” on cute social media posts, but as for our farm, we have been learning about goats for over 8 years now, and we know this isn’t mentally healthy for a goat. We are doing our best to be responsible breeders and want to place our goats in homesteads and farms where there is at least one other goat companion for the one we sell to the buyer. We would be happy to sell two, if a companion is needed. Wethers (castrated males) make great pets and companions for both does and intact males.

Final Important Information- Once the goat(s) leave our farm, we at SFF are no longer responsible for the care and well-being of the goat(s). We do not offer any further guarantees on the animal(s). There are many factors involved that could possibly stress out your new goat(s) and effect their behavior and health after they come home. For example: moving to a new location, new people, change of feed/water source, other animals in the new home, and different management styles. Please make sure you take the time to learn about the care and well-being of the goat(s) you are purchasing from us. This will better prepare you on how to help your new goat(s) adjust to their new home. There are many resources available both online and in books. We love the animals on our farm, and we hope you will love yours too! Take good care of your goat(s), and you will have many great years together!

If a buyer wants to see a goat(s) before purchase, arrangements can be made to come to the farm to see the animals. We will do our best to realistically represent the animals for sale with photos and descriptions. We will do our best to communicate clearly, effectively, and promptly with you, the potential buyer. Please extend the same courtesy to us. It is our desire to have this transaction go well for you, the goat(s), and ourselves.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Sales Policy!!! We hope to serve your needs for starting or adding quality goat(s) to your herd. If you have questions, please contact us with them to help things go smoothly with this transaction.