This page showcases the Nigerian Dwarf goats we have for sale. Photograph, parental lineage link, and price are shown for each individually listed goat. We strive to raise up healthy goats for sale. We tested our whole herd March, 2019 for CL, CAE, and Johne’s. All tests came back negative. We have a healthy herd!

Quality breeding stock is important to us as well. We have invested in animals from breeders who have worked hard to improve the breed. We are continuing our learning and are working towards making wise choices in our breedings. Our goats are all registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Offspring are registerable. Wethers are sold unregistered. Our prices reflect the quality, hard work, and resources that we put into the goats we offer for sale. We put year round TLC into our animals.

*** PLEASE READ OUR GOAT SALES POLICY *** to understand what you are agreeing to as you enter into this sales agreement with Stand Firm Farm. ***CLICK HERE ***


Birthday- 5/7/2021

Eye Color- Tan/Wheat

Registered- $500

Wether/Unregistered Buck- $200

Sire- Solomon (Click on names for lineage)

Dam- Zoe


Birthday- 4/20/2021

Eye Color- Blue


Wether/Unregistered Buck- $200

Sire- Solomon (Click on names for lineage)

Dam- Daisy

Wether (well not quite)

Wether- Contact us for Price

Birthday: 4/6/2021

His two “nuts” did not descend into his “sack” as seen in current photo. If interested in him, call Elizabeth at 706-293-2578, so that I can give more details.


Birthday- X/XX/2021

Eye Color- ?


Wether/Unregistered Buck- ?

Sire- Name Here (Click on names for lineage)

Dam- Name Here