Breeding Schedule

UPDATE: April, 2022 has been a busy month on our farm! All does have had their kids the month of April, and are noted below. The kids that we decide to sell, will be posted on our for sale page shortly. (Mr. Sunshine’s page is a work in progress.)

These are the goats we have bred for 2022. The name of the goat is a link to that goat’s page where you can learn more about him/her. Our goats are American Dairy Goat (ADGA) Registered. They are pure Nigerian Dwarf. The goats who are available for sale are listed on our “For Sale” page.

Kalina (D) & Mr. Sunshine (B)

Kidded 4/3/22

1 Doe


Snickerdoodle (D) & Mr. Sunshine (B)

Kidded 4/4/22

1 buck & 1 Doe


Zoe (D) & Solomon (B)

Kidded 4/8/22

2 Bucks & 2 Does


Penelope (D) & Milky Way (B)

Kidded 4/21/22

3 Bucks & 2 Does


Daisy (D) & Milky Way (B)

Kidded 4/26/22

2 Does