* Hi! We are the Johns Family! *

Dennis and Elizabeth are the parents of Kaitlyn, Emily, Jasmine, and Tyler

  Dennis and I bought this timber land of Loblolly Pine trees in Washington, Georgia in 2003 when we were still living in suburban Florida. We dreamed of living the country life some day with our children. In June, 2005, we made the big move to Georgia! Since then, we have made this land into our home and farm.

  We started with a storage shed we fondly called “The Cabin,” moved a 3 year old mobile home on to the land where we lived for 7 years, and then we built our country home. In these years, we began gardening, planting fruit trees and blueberries. We started raising chickens for eggs and meat for our family. We’ve also had our share of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and a red-eared slider turtle. Our children learned along with us. Talk about some great homeschooling experiences!

  We desired to share this wholesome life with children who needed parents, and we hoped to give the children a forever family. Our dream was to share our love of the natural outdoors, and the care of the animals with the children, and allow this farm and land to be a place of healing for them. For three years, we were a licenced foster family for the State of Georgia. In 2009, we privately adopted two siblings who had been recently orphaned.

  We’ve always encouraged our kids to learn about the world around them. There came a time when we heard the words, “Daddy and Mama, can we get some goats? Dairy goats for milk?”  

  Our oldest daughter lead the way for us getting involved in goats. A friend of ours introduced us to the adorable and practical breed of Nigerian Dwarf goats. As a Christmas present in 2013, we gave our daughter gifts that prepared the way for her to begin with goats. The friend gave her a pregnant doe named Peachy, and we bought a second pregnant doe named Kit-Kat from her. This began our adventure with dairy goats!

  As you well know, kids grow up, and the time comes when they leave to discover the world beyond home. Our “farmer girl” daughter decided to go into the Navy to earn her college education money and to see the world. She followed in her Daddy’s footsteps (Retired Navy Corpsman/Nurse) by serving in the Navy as a Corpsman. 

   What to do with the goats? At first we decided to sell the whole herd. While we were in the process of selling them, I realized how much I enjoyed having the goats. We had invested a lot of time and finances into them. The goats were improving the aesthetics of the land with their brush control methods of eating everything that tasted good to them. The family enjoyed having our very own fresh raw milk to drink and use in cooking. I also enjoyed the craft and skill involved in making goat milk soap from scratch!

  I decided to make goats MY PASSION!

  Before Kaitlyn left for bootcamp, she started teaching me the things I needed to know. I had to learn how to milk the goats and trim their hooves! I dug in and began to learn all I could about the care of these fun little creatures! The rest of the family helped me in my new hobby as well.

As time passed, children continued to grow and go…

Kaitlyn met a nice young man in Corpsman school who later met up with her at their first duty station. They were married in 2017. Once they settled down into their first apartment, they adopted two kitten furbabies. Nicholas and Kaitlyn are both actively serving in the Navy. She is also taking advantage of her active duty college benefits, and is enrolled part time in college. 

Emily graduated from high school, and later met a nice young man at Bible Study. Osmani and Emily were married in the 2019. Her husband is actively serving in the Air Force. She works and is in college. They have 3 pet rats and a beta fish.

Jasmine is doing her own thing.

Tyler is the “baby” of the family. He has dreams of a future that include college and serving in the Navy. At home he is a good helper both in the house and on the farm. He’s also helping to build this website!

Growing up on a farm makes for strong adults. Dennis and I hope the best for our children. We are here when they need us, and we enjoy the visits that time allows.

Dennis and I are not quite empty nesters, and those who have gone, do visit when they can. Dennis is retired from the Navy, and he works for the VA taking care of our Veterans. On his time off from work, he is a farmer. Together, we take care of the family, home, and farm that God has given us.

  I have been a stay at home homeschooling mom. Now that I am retired from homeschooling, I am dedicating my time to the farm. What has been a hobby, I am working on turning into a small business. I am doing a heaping pile of learning concerning the care of the goats, soap making, website building, marketing, small business and more!

  This website is being designed to introduce you to our farm and what we do here. It’s a work in progress. The goal is to have pages that share with you the lineages of our herd of dairy goats. We do sell the offspring and sometimes certain adults, so the sales page will let you know what is currently available for sale. I have a teacher’s heart, so in time, I want to build an area for learning about basic goat care for new goat owners. Throughout the website, you will see pictures of our happy animals. You have probably figured out that I’m a talkative person, so, I look forward to starting up the blog section of this website.

  I do make goat milk soap with the milk from our very own Nigerian Dwarf goats. The website will have a “Country Store” where you can place your order for soap and other things we sell. That area of the website is still needing to be built.

For now, if you are interested in purchasing goat milk soap from us, please contact us through one of the several way as seen on our “Contact Us” page. We are happy to accept orders by mail, phone, email, and Facebook.

  Stay tuned for more progress to come!

Thank you for supporting our small family farm!